2014, New members:

Joe Maffei
Joe Maffei last attended an event about 10 years ago. In the meantime he established his own firm in Oakland, Maffei Structural Engineering, married Holly and had two boys, 3-year-old Dario and 1-year-old Gabriel. His maternal grandparents, Ricardo Agosto Amistadi and Stella Mussi, were from Roncone in the Valli Giudicarie. They immigrated to Langeloth, PA in the 1920s. Joe’s father’s family was from Toscano. Joe was delighted to meet others from Roncone at the Christmas event, and we were thrilled to meet his lovely wife and kids.

Davide Carmeci
Davide Carmeci was born and raised in Trento and attended Liceo Classico G. Prati. He received his Masters in marketing and communication at the University of Bologna. He worked  as a manager for Italian and European companies in the digital media and information and communication technology industries. He moved to California in July 2012 to work as a business development associate for a Silicon Valley incubator. He recently started working as a business development manager for WebRatio, Inc., a software company. Here is his linkedin.com page: http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidec.
Davide’s father was an Italian born in Tripoli. His family was involved in the trade between Italy and Libya. They moved to Trento to join members of the family that had previously relocated there. Davide’s mother, Mariapia Regensburger, is from Castel Tesino.

Greg Genetti and his wife Mary
New members Greg Genetti and his wife Mary attended our get-together in September.
Greg is the owner of a CPA firm in Campbell. The Genetti family is from Castelfondo in
the Val di Non. They immigrated initially to Hazelton, Pennsylvania surrounded by many
other Trentini who worked in the local mining industry. Hazelton has always
had a very active Trentino club, and the first US/Canadian Trentino (ITTONA) convention was held there. Lodging was provided at none other than the Genetti Inn & Suites. At our event Greg was delighted to meet Max Cologna whose family is also from Castelfondo, and Gemma Angeli Zueck whose brother, Padre Angeli, says Sunday mass in
Castelfondo. We look forward to sharing more good times with Greg, Mary and the
numerous other Genettis in the Bay Area.

ITTONA Convention in Utah

Maria Floretta, Mayor of Cloz, and Bob Zanoni
Maria Floretta, Mayor of
Cloz, and Bob Zanoni

Every two years ITTONA, the organization that represents the Trentini of the US and
Canada, puts on a convention. Our club hosted the convention 10 years ago, and this year it was held in Ogden, Utah, home to many Trentini immigrants. Max Cologna and Olga Degiorgio Disney from our club are originally from the Ogden area, and they were on
hand for the event. Our Stockton representative, Bob Zanoni, was also in attendance. Bob wrote a letter to the Ogden club praising them for organizing such a fabulous event.
Bob’s family is from Cloz in the Val di Non, as are many other members of our
club and the Ogden club. The Mayor of Cloz, Maria Floretta, travelled the
distance to attend the convention. Mayor Floretta has written a book in Italian on the Trentino immigrant experience entitled Nelle Viscere di Queste Miniere, which gathers letters and stories of Trentino immigrants. The mayor was certainly delighted to be surrounded by so many of her compatriots abroad.
Alberto Tafner, President of the Trentino nel Mondo Association, was present and delivered a formal address that chronicled the role of the association in assisting Trentini emigrants and their descendants over the years. He also highlighted two pivotal moments in recent
Trentino history, the first being Italian annexation in 1919 and the second the granting of special autonomy to Trentino-Alto Adige after WWII. The latter meant that the Italian speakers of Trentino and German speakers of Alto Adige (South Tyrol) had to learn to coexist in peace and harmony. As he pointed out, that was not easy at first.
Between 1956 and 1967 the area was rife with domestic terrorism, causing damage to bridges, railway tracks, utility lines, etc. and the loss of 21 lives.

Bob representing the Circolo Trentino di San Francisco with the club banner
Bob representing the Circolo
Trentino di San Francisco
with the club banner

In 1972 the Provinces of Bolzano, i.e., Alto Adige, and Trento received certain autonomy from each other and from the central government, and that has seemed to
bring peace to the area. With peace has come economic vitality.

100th Birthday

100th Birthday in Salinas: Kathy Ammann with granddaughter Erica, Genuina’s great nephew-in-law and great niece Lorie, Genuina, great nieces visiting from Pieve di Bono in Trentino
100th Birthday in Salinas: Kathy Ammann with granddaughter Erica, Genuina’s great nephew-in-law and great niece Lorie, Genuina, great nieces visiting from Pieve di Bono in Trentino

Genuina (Genny) Franceschetti, nee Corradi, from Daone in the Valli
Giudicarie, celebrated her 100th birthday on November 17th in Salinas. She was married to Marino Franceschetti from Cologna, a hamlet of Pieve di Bono.
They settled in Solvay, New York, which hosted many immigrants from the Valli Giudicarie. In the late 40s they moved to Palo Alto, and Marino worked as a painter at Moffett Field. Niece Kathy Ammann kindly sent us a photo of the event, which included relatives from Trentino. Happy 100th to Genuina!

Trentini in Space

CristoforettiSamantha Cristoforetti
On November 23rd Samantha Cristoforetti, a Trentina from Malè in the Val di Sole, became
the first Italian woman, and only the third European, to go to space. She left with two other astronauts from Kazakhstan on a Soyuz rocket. She is currently coming to the end of her long-term mission on the International Space Station. Click here for a feature story by
ABC News on this Trentina luminary.
According to a posting on the ITTONA Facebook page, the night skies of Malè offered the young Samantha an unfettered view of the stars and motivated her to become an astronaut.
Go to Samantha’s European Space Agency page for photos and postings from her adventure in space.
Club member Father Alberto Mengon is from the Val di Rabbi, very near Malè. He has met
Samantha’s grandfather and uncle on more than one occasion in Malè; naturally, he says they are very proud of her. Samantha’s family operates the Hotel Liberty in Malè.
One thing Samantha has truly missed in space has been her Italian espresso. NASA recently approved use of a machine designed in Italy. It was supposed to arrive in January, but a launch explosion quashed that plan. The machine dubbed the ISSpresso (International Space Station) finally arrived this month (April).
NPR reports Samantha will probably be awarded the first cup, but she will have to share with her colleagues 🙂

Aerospace Industry in Trentino
Trentino has become a bustling high-tech center, thanks in part to the assistance provided by Trentino Sviluppo. Fly S.p.a., a company supplying components for the new Airbus 350, is located in Grigno, 25 miles east of Trento in the Valsugana.
Fly’s products are also found in space launchers, chemical and nuclear reactors, gas and steam turbines, and in deep-water equipment.

Italian Citizenships

Jim Boin & Sons

Jim Boin with Italian passport in hand, Consul General Mauro Battocchi, Michael Job !
Jim Boin with Italian passport in hand, Consul General Mauro
Battocchi, Michael Job

Trentino belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire until it collapsed in 1918. If your grandparent or great-grandparent emigrated during that time period, they were Austro-Hungarian rather than Italian. You are not entitled to Italian citizenship unless you applied under a special open period that ended in 2010. Four of our members did so, and we are delighted to note that Jim Boin, plus his sons Chris in Alaska and Matt in Chicago, were granted their citizenship in January. Kate Disney, Michael Job, Beth Bonora and her son, Owen Laine, are still awaiting a response. Kate has waited over 10 years! Good news is that our club is in regular communication with both the Consulate and the Ministry of Interior in Rome, and we are optimistic Kate, Michael, Beth and Owen will soon have
Italian passports in hand. In the meantime: Congratulazioni Jim!


Grant & Kathy Rauzi
Grant & Kathy Rauzi live in Seattle and are members of the Seattle Trentino Club. Grant’s parents, Frank and Marilyn, are active members of our Circolo. Grant’s grandfather, Francesco Rauzi, was born in Cloz, Val di Non, in 1900. He immigrated to the US in 1921 with an Italian passport. Grant recently obtained his Italian citizenship via jure sanguinis, i.e., direct descendancy.
Kathy got her citizenship by virtue of the fact that she is married to an Italian. They celebrated the news with a bottle of spumante and are preparing for their trip to Italy with passports in hand.
Congratulazioni, Grant & Kathy!

Club Members Meet in the Val di Rabbi

Mike, Ramona & Father Alberto Mengon in front of the church in Piazzola.

Ramona Antonioni Krausnick and her husband Mike visited Trentino last September to celebrate their 20th anniversary, as well as the 20th anniversary of two of her cousins and the 75th birthday of another. Her cousins all live in Salorno, just north of the Trentino border. It is one of only five mainly Italian-speaking towns in the Province of Bolzano. The area is well known for its vineyards of Schiava, Teroldego, Pinot Grigio, etc.
Ramona’s relatives supply Mezzacorona Winery with grapes.
Ramona’s father was born in the Val di Rabbi, which is in the northwest corner of Trentino, just past the Val di Sole. Click here to see its location in Trentino. More than half of the scenic Val di Rabbi is within the Stelvio National Park, the only national
park in Trentino. Father Alberto Mengon is also from the Val di Rabbi, and he planned a trip to the area at the same time Ramona and Mike were going. They met in the
village of Piazzola and had a delightful time together

September Gathering

We send a big shout out of appreciation to Ralph and Rosie Yob for organizing a super
event at their residence in Menlo Park in September. There were several delicacies on
hand to tempt the palate. As usual, Rosie’s exquisite canederli and Tarcisio Pedrotti’s
divine strudel were devoured quickly to the dismay of those who acted too slowly.
Matteo Baceda’s parents were visiting from Trento at the time, and Matteo’s mother
whipped up a gigantic pot of very tasty crauti, enough for many to take home.

Grazie Mille 🙂

Coro Brenta di Tione

ponteSFThe last week of April, our club assisted Consul General Mauro Battocchi in hosting the Brenta Chorus from his hometown of Tione, Trentino.
They performed at Mission Dolores Basilica, St. Mary’s Cathedral, the Italian  American Heritage Foundation in San Jose, Jacuzzi Family Vineyards in  Sonoma and in Santa Rosa. They also spent a day each in Santa Cruz and Las Vegas before returning to Trentino. They received accolades from all. They sang wherever and whenever they could. You could not help but be moved by their voices and their spirit, whether you understood Italian or not.

Many of our club members contributed to the success of this tour. A special grazie goes out to one of our newest members, Mary Elmstrom, and her sister from Montana, Eileen Freller. They accompanied the group of 48 from the time they arrived at the hotel in San Francisco till they left Santa Cruz.

Santa CrusIn the pic on the right: Coro Brenta at the Marriott Fairfield in Capitola. Circolo members from left to right,Rino Zueck, Gemma Angeli Zueck, Luca Dorigatti, Dan Aspromonte, Rinaldo Cis, Eileen Freller, Mary Elmstrom, Silvia Torresani Prevedelli. Coro President Giuseppe
(Pino) Stefenelli between Rinaldo and Eileen. After an impromptu concert, he resented handsome wooden plaques of appreciation adorned with the tour logo.

Club member Luca Dorigatti, first on the left, visiting in June the Coro Brenta in Tione. Second on left, President Giuseppe  Stefenelli. First on right, Musical Director Leone Pellegrini.
Club member Luca Dorigatti, first on the left, visiting in June the Coro Brenta in Tione.

We established close bonds of friendship with the Coro. This past summer club members Luca Dorigatti and Rinaldo Cis both paid
visits to the Coro in Tione. Then, in September club member Mary (Boni) Elmstrom and her husband Gary spent 4 days with the maestro of the Coro, Leone Pellegrini, and his wife Giuliana. They hiked with chorus members to the Rifugio Val di Fumo and had many splendid meals. They got to know them much better and learned a bit more about the history and culture of the region. As Mary says: These people are so gracious, honest and caring! I am happy to share with them a Trentino heritage.

Stefenelli wrote an article about the experience (in Italian)…read more here

Club member Rinaldo Cis, hiking with Giuseppe Stefenelli and son, in July
Club member Rinaldo Cis, hiking with Giuseppe Stefenelli and son, in July

Trentino Thunderbolt (il Fulmine Trentino) Strikes Again

Club members Rinaldo “Fulmine Trentino” Cis and Dan Aspromonte celebrate with fellow Italians  Elena Fasolo and Mattia,Borsalino at the Santa  Cruz Harbor after the Wharf-to-Wharf Race
Club members Rinaldo “Fulmine Trentino” Cis and Dan Aspromonte celebrate with fellow Italian friends Elena Fasolo and Mattia Borsalino at the Santa Cruz Harbor after the Wharf-to-Wharf Race

As many of you may remember, a few years ago club member Rinaldo Cis had his number retired at the 100th Bay-to-Breakers in San Francisco because he beat the record established in the first race. At the end  of July in Santa Cruz, Rinaldo ran the  6-mile Wharf-to-Wharf in 34:57, placing him in the top 100 male finishers out of approximately 16,000 runners. He was in the elite division along with the Kenyans and Ethiopians who typically win the event. Congratulations to Rinaldo!

Rinaldo’s greatest joy comes in running the mountain trails of Trentino. This past summer he participated in the grueling Dolomite Sky Race, a 10k up and 12k down race that starts and ends in Canazei in the Val di Fassa. The race is part of the Skyrunner World Series.

Visitors from Trentino in Spring 2014

 Luca Cattoi and Colleagues

L to R: New club member Walter Pezzini, Luca’s colleague Andrea with the leather jacket, Luca’s colleague Lorenzo  with the beanie, Maico Campilongo, owner of Terún  Pizzeria, club member Matteo Baceda with the Trento jacket,  Luca Cattoi, Davide Carmeci, Luca Dorigatti, Rinaldo Cis,  Alice Amigassi, Christine Bologna and Tarcisio Pedrotti.
L to R: New club member Walter P., Luca’s colleagues Andrea  and Lorenzo, Maico C., Matteo B.,Luca C., Davide C., Luca D., Rinaldo C.,
Alice A., Christine B. and Tarcisio P.

We first met Luca Cattoi in 2012. He  was travelling with a group, composed primarily of Trentini, visiting the high tech industries of Silicon Valley. Luca’s company based in Arco,
Trentino: http://www.graffiti2000.com.

His clients include such big names as Bianchi, Barilla, Microsoft, Giro d’Italia and Confindustria, just to name a few. Luca has now become a regular visitor to the area. In January he came with 3 colleagues and dinner was organized at the Terún Pizzeria in Palo Alto. Several of our club members were in attendance.

Federica Mandato from Pergine

Chiara Lazzeri teaches at a high school in Borgo Valsugana. She has accompanied students to the Bay Area on two occasions, and her students have interviewed members of our Circolo. She also invited Michael Job to be a guest lecturer at her high school.
Towards the beginning of April, Chiara’s childhood friend, Federica Mandato,
visited California to attend a scientific conference. Federica lives in Pergine, but works as an administrative assistant for Fondazione Pezcoller in Trento, a foundation that promotes biomedical research in the field of cancer. Chiara had Federica contact Michael in San Francisco. As always, Michael was a gracious host. Federica truly enjoyed her time here and promised to be back soon.

Michael Job & Federica Mandato in San Francisco
Michael Job & Federica Mandato in San Francisco

Lara Olivetti and Rickard Olseke

Lara Olivetti worked as an attorney for several  years at the Association Trentino nel Mondo, giving free legal advice on Italian citizenship and other matters. She received the admiration of Trentini the world over for her kindness and empathy. She has assisted many of our own club members with her expertise.

Lara now lives in Sweden with her partner Rickard Olseke. Rickard works on immigration and asylum cases. In mid-April they came to Northern California on vacation. It was a pleasure to spend time with Lara and Rickard and to get to know them better.
We found out that Lara is related to the founder of Olivetti, the computer, typewriter, etc. manufacturer, and her family endured hardship when anti-Semitism was in full force in Italy.