Christmas Party 2017

This year we celebrated the Christmas Party at the Italian Athletic Club of Stockton. Here the club officials presented longtime board member Luca Dorigatti with a plaque in recognition of his dedicated service to the Trentini of our club and beyond. Luca is the Western US representative to the Trentini nel Mondo Association and has also been the US representative to the Autonomous Province of Trento. Luca is always one of the first to meet and greet Trentini visitors to the area and was at Padre Efrem Trettel’s side as his health failed. He is also quite the chef and has whipped up some spectacular meals for our board meetings.

Meeting at the Marin Bocce Federation in San Rafael

Circolo Trentino members met for a picnic at the Marin Bocce Federation in San Rafael Sunday.  Due to the extreme heat, the bocce courts did not see much action.  We had a delightful time sitting in the shade chatting and enjoying the delicacies that members brought.  A special thank you to our vice-president Lino Rizzi for grilling the polenta and salsiccia and offering tastings of his homemade, flavored grappas.

Spring Luncheon

This year, for our annual Spring Luncheon, we met at “Terun“, an Italian restaurant in Palo Alto.

Maico, the owner, and his staff were the perfect hosts. Maico was responsible for a video of our wonderful Dolomiti; He took the time to search youtube, record the video and set it up for us. He told us that being a part of our festa made him feel at home (he lived in Trentino for a couple of years).  It was a delight to see all the kids and the club members enjoy a wonderful lunch together. During the lunch the club board also rewarded Gregory Eugene Tafner McGarry aka Greg with our first  “Trentino Roots Award” , that has as a goal to promote the participation of young members of our club in the  Summer Exchange Program sponsored by The Province of Trento.

Thank you to Maico and all the club members for the amazing lunch and company.

Pictures credit:Gloria Daffier, Rhonda Mussi and Maria Mortati