Christmas party 2015: Changing of the Guard in the Central Valley

placcaWe had a huge turnout for our Christmas gathering in Stockton. A hearty thank you to the Trentini of the Central Valley for organizing such a wonderful event. Our plan is to meet there again in 2017. Also, a big thank you to Ron Agostini for acting as the master of ceremonies.

During the event we had a changing of the guard. Frank Rauzi and Bob Zenoni had spearheaded these Christmas gatherings for eons with help from many others. They felt the younger generation should take over, and they did in an overwhelming manner. Frank and Bob each received a plaque honoring their years of distinguished service to our club, along with a bottle of grappa and Rotari, a Trentino sparkling wine. Attilio Mussi also took over the role of Central Valley Representative from Bob.

Frank and Bob, once again, grazie mille!

Gathering at the Yob’s residence and visitors from Tesino

Lino Rizzi offering his exquisite homemade grappas to Tesino visitors Roberto Biasion on the left and Francesco Gasperini on the right at the Yob’s in September
Lino Rizzi offering his exquisite homemade grappas to Tesino visitors Roberto Biasion on the left and Francesco Gasperini on the right at the Yob’s in September

In September we had a large, fantastic gathering at the Yob’s residence. Ralph and Rosie were gracious hosts as usual, and Rosie made her dynamite canederli for all to enjoy.
Two couples from Tesino were visiting California and joined us, Roberto Biasion and Valentina Ponchia, and Francesco Gasperini and Annapia Ceccato.
Our president Giuseppina Piasente Alvarez is from Pieve Tesino.
She and the two couples provided us an overview of Tesino, also referred to as the Altopiano (upland) del Tesino and the Conca (basin) del Tesino. There are 3 towns, Castello Tesino, with a population of around 1,300, Pieve Tesino with 700, and then Cinte Tesino with 400. Valentina was from Castello, but the other 3 visitors were from Cinte. Roberto is on the Cinte town council and is the former vice mayor. There is a move to combine the 3 towns into one. Last year in a Trentino newspaper interview Roberto expressed his approval of the concept, but not of the implementation plan. Giuseppina said Cinte had a monastery, and so it was well known for producing many priests and nuns. Her brother attended the monastery but then chose another vocation in life.

Menghini Family Reunion

meneghiniIn August the descendants of sisters Erinna (Irene) and Fiorella Menghini from Brez, Val di Non, gathered for a barbecue and dinner.

Erinna (Irene) Menghini married Arturo Prevedel (changed to Prevedelli), also a native of Brez. The Prevedelli family is celebrating 70 years of apple farming in Watsonville:
You’ll find their organic apples at most Bay Area open markets.

Fiorella Menghini married Giovanni Battista Zuech (changed to Zueck). Their descendants, the Zuecks and Aspromontes, live in Santa Cruz and Southern California.

Club’s 35th Anniversary

On May 17th our club celebrated its 35th anniversary with a cruise on the  San Francisco Bay leaving from Alameda. Nearly 100 attendees delighted in the  experience. It was amazing to see so many Trentini all together.

Thank you for celebrating with US !!
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Mark Your Calendar: September 13th and December 6th, 2015

On September 13th Ralph and Rosie Yob have once again graciously offered to host our end-of- summer picnic at their residence in Menlo Park. Grazie Ralph and Rosie!

Our Christmas gathering will be on Sunday, December 6th at the Italian Athletic Club in Stockton. For years Frank Rauzi, Bob Zanoni, Mac Agostini and others have hosted our Christmas event. This year they are getting assistance from the younger generation. They always get a large turnout. Upcoming newsletters and posts will have more details on these events.

3-hour SF Bay Cruise

BarcaCircolo Trentino di San Francisco is celebrating its 35th anniversary!!
For this special occasion we’re going on a 3-hour SF Bay Cruise with Commodore Lines, leaving from 2394 Mariner Drive, Alameda promptly at noon, Sunday May 17th.

Boarding on the Chardonnay yacht will begin at 11:45, and so try to be there a bit earlier. There is ample free parking at the port. For more information click on:

Lunch will consist of Commodore Line’s signature dish, champagne chicken, plus salad and a side dish. A hosted bar is included in the price and will include beer, wine, champagne, soda, juice, coffee and tea. An Italian cake will be served for dessert.

The cost is $45 per person and $20 for children 4-14. The club is partially funding this event to keep the price within reason.

This event is open to non-club members as well. So, if you have a friend that would like to join us, by all means invite them. To avoid the club incurring additional fees, do not hesitate to sign up, and in any case no later than May 1st.

If you are interested please write to