Christmas party 2015: Changing of the Guard in the Central Valley

placcaWe had a huge turnout for our Christmas gathering in Stockton. A hearty thank you to the Trentini of the Central Valley for organizing such a wonderful event. Our plan is to meet there again in 2017. Also, a big thank you to Ron Agostini for acting as the master of ceremonies.

During the event we had a changing of the guard. Frank Rauzi and Bob Zenoni had spearheaded these Christmas gatherings for eons with help from many others. They felt the younger generation should take over, and they did in an overwhelming manner. Frank and Bob each received a plaque honoring their years of distinguished service to our club, along with a bottle of grappa and Rotari, a Trentino sparkling wine. Attilio Mussi also took over the role of Central Valley Representative from Bob.

Frank and Bob, once again, grazie mille!