Our club events have been canceled because to the global coronavirus outbreak

December: Christmas Lunchmore info
October: President Mattarella visiting San Franciscomore info
Settembre: Gathering at Giuseppina’s residencemore info
April: Spring get-toghetermore info

EVENTS 2018:
December: Christmas Lunch 2018…more info
Gathering at Yob’s residencemore info
April: Spring get-togethermore info

EVENTS 2017:
December: Christmas Party…more info
September: Meeting at the Marin Bocce Federationmore info
May: Spring Luncheonmore info

EVENTS 2016:
December: Christmas Party 2016more info
August: Ittona Conventionmore info
May: Blueprint, Trentino Youth Gathering in Wyomingmore info
April: A Celebration of the Dolomites...more info

EVENTS 2015:
December: Christmas Party 2015more info
September: Gathering at the Yob’s residencemore info
April: Club’s 35th Anniversary...more info

EVENTS 2014:
December: Christmas Gathering – Salesian High School in Richmond…more info
July: Ittona Convention – UTAH… more info
April: Coro (Chorus) Brenta of Tione, visit and program...more info

EVENTS 2013:
December: Christmas Luncheon, Donato, Redwood City…more info
September: Picnic – Alameda…more info
April: Spring Luncheon, Peninsula Italian American Social Club, San Mateo…more info

EVENTS 2012:
December: Christmas Luncheon, Donato, Redwood City…more info

EVENTS 2004:
July: 16th Ittona Convention in San Francisco …PDF document:… 16th_ittona_web