Christmas Party

Great turnout to our Christmas gathering on Sunday, December 11th in North Beach, the heart of San Francisco’s Little Italy..

It was wonderful to see so many new members and to be able to spend some time together.

It takes a village to prepare an event like this.We would like to thank:

Luca for coordinating with Sapore Italiano and Padre Mengon; also, for setting up the tables and procuring the panettone, the Trentino Pinot Grigio and numerous supplies.
Dan for coordinating the event, keeping track of the attendees and ordering the trophy for Rosie and Ralph Yob.
John and Sarah for putting together the gift baskets, the marvelous decorations and keeping our books in order.
Maria and her husband Mark for organizing with Padre Mengon, buying the pandoro, setting up the tables and taking care of the raffle tickets.
Giuseppina for contacting Padre Mengon and the singer Carlo Solivan
Padre Mengon for offering the location and saying mass
Carlo Solivan, Giuseppina, Laura and Gemma for keeping us entertained with their beautiful voices during the celebration.
Elio of Sapore Italiano in Burlingame for the great food.
Alice and Michela for serving the food, opening the wine and cutting the pandoro and panettone.
Lino and Janet for helping with the raffle, procuring the red wine and offering grappa and liqueurs.
All the board members for putting countless hours in the organization of the event.
Rosie and Ralph Yob for being such amazing members and opening their house for many events
All the members who brought gifts for the raffle.

Photo Credit: Maria Polli Mortati, John Zanoni, David Pizzorno, Alice Amigassi