2015, New members:

On May 17th our club celebrated its 35th anniversary with a cruise on the San Francisco Bay leaving from Alameda. Nearly 100 attendees delighted in the experience. Present were some new members, Bruno Nardelli, Renata Gasperi and Maria Masè.

Bruno Nardelli
At the age of 5, Bruno Nardelli’s father emigrated from the Trento suburbs of Gardolo/Roncafort to Argentina. As a child, Bruno participated in the  activities of the Circolo Trentino di Comodoro Rivadavia in Patagonia, the world’s southernmost Trentino club. Argentina and Brazil have more Trentini clubs than any other countries, with 57 and 60 respectively. Bruno studied at the University of Trento for 5 years while volunteering at the Trentini nel Mondo Association. He then transferred to Houston for work and now to the Bay Area.

Renata Gasperi
Renata Gasperi was born and raised in Milan, but her father was from Caldonazzo in the
Valsugana and her mother (last name Perazzolli) was from Mattarello, a suburb just south of Trento. Renata lives in San Francisco with her husband Don, whose family is from Lucca in Maria Masè was last in Giustino 50 years ago. “I felt like Heidi, gathering wild flowers from the sides of the road, eating strawberries and raspberries that grew everywhere, along with chocolate and bread, attending vespers in the evening at St. Lucia, then filling our pails with milk from the mountains. It was a long time ago, but the memories linger.”

Welcome Bruno, Renata and Maria to the Circolo Trentino di San Francisco!