2016: Happy Birthday

In the past year Rino Zueck and Americo “Mac” Agostini celebrated their 80th birthdays. Rino is a native of Brez in the Val di Non. He immigrated to Silverton and Durango, Colorado just after the war at the age of 15, and then to Santa Cruz. Mac’s family is from Cologna in the municipality of Pieve di Bono in the Valle del Chiese.
Happy birthday to Rino and Mac!

On February 28th Romeo Zuech in San Luis Obispo celebrated his 90th birthday. Romeo is a native of Brez. He completed his studies in Bolzano and then immigrated to the US. As chronicled in the section “OUR STORIES”, he played an instrumental role in landing us on the moon. After retiring from the aerospace industry, he founded Piedra Creek Winery.

He proudly produces a wine named after the patron saint of Brez, San Floriano, which includes the typical Trentino varietal, Lagrein.
Romeo, happy birthday and salute!

On May 17th Father Efram Trettel celebrated his 95th birthday surrounded by friends, including Trentini Luca Dorigatti and Marco Di Ianni. Marco lives in San Francisco, but he was born and raised in Trento. His family operates an iconic pastry shop in the Cristo Re neighborhood of Trento. Luca and Marco frequently visit Father Efrem, and they say he is holding up rather well considering his advanced age.
Father Efrem worked tirelessly in support of the Italian and Trentino community.
Happy 95th Padre Efrem!