Mayor of Millbrae

Reuben Holober, grandson of club members Antonio and Laura (Floriani) Vitlacil, was elected to the Millbrae City Council in 2013 at the age of 25. He has served as mayor twice. Reuben’s late mother Nadia also served as mayor of Millbrae. From a quote in the San Francisco Chronicle: She’s (Nadia) really been an inspiration – both of my parents from a very young age instilled in me the value of public service. Reuben also works as a Budget and Legislative Analyst for the City and County of San Francisco. Antonio and Laura are from the Valsugana. Laura was a founding member of our club and our first vice-president. In 2015 the President of the Trentino Province sent Laura a letter applauding her years of dedicated service to the Trentino community. Her grandson is now following that family tradition of public service.