UPDATE 20/4/2021
Dear Supporters,
We have reached the fundraising campaign goal to support the post-production of the documentary.
A big Thank You to everyone for the support! This project is possible thanks to you and your generosity.
The documentary editing process will be a long and exciting journey. The goal is to release the documentary by the beginning of 2022.
Supporting the project is still possible and open. 
Any additional donations will be used to extend the TrentiniAmericani web page and publish the film’s extracts.
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Film documentarian Vincenzo Mancuso on the left in San Francisco with the President of the Seattle Trentino Club, Mary Beth Moser, and her husband Rich Rotruck

September 2020

Many of you know Vincenzo Mancuso, the documentarian commissioned by the Trentino Historical Museum to interview Trentini in the US. A few years back Vincenzo interviewed several of our members and produced a short documentary that was featured on Trentino television and elsewhere. Click here to view the series of short documentaries that were produced by Vincenzo and shown in Trentino. Vincenzo would like to assemble a full-length documentary entitled Trentini Americani tapping into the over 160 interviews he conducted from 2009 to 2018. L’Italo Americano newspaper featured the project in a full-length article entitled
Preserving Memories, Strengthening Identities: The Trentini Americani Project.

Unfortunately, the Trentino Historical Museum can no longer fund the project. Hence, Vincenzo has reached out to the Trentino community for help. As he says: This film is about your history, your memory, and your families.
Vincenzo has budgeted $9000 for the project. He has received donations for just over half that amount. Costs will cover the ollowing: selection and editing of interviews (Seattle / Idaho / Montana), 16 mm and super8 archive digitization (Solvay, NYC, Colorado, Pennsylvania), editing of episodes (NY/ Colorado / Wyoming / California / Pennsylvania), audio editing, music copyrights, stock footage, translations and subtitles (Italian-English) and graphics and post-production.

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