Visitors from Trentino 2019

Jim Boin was a former board member of our club. After retirement he decided to relocate to his hometown of Chicago. He visited us in 2019 and plans to do so again once it is safe to travel. In February of 2019, Mirko Martinelli and his family vacationed here in California. Mirko runs the Hotel Martinelli in the Val di Gresta. It was the 50th anniversary of the hotel, and this excursion to California was part of the celebration. We did not know Mirko, but he has numerous friends here in California that put on cycling trips in the Val di Gresta. One of those cyclists organized a welcoming party at his home in San Carlos and invited our club members to attend. Ivo Finotti, secretary of the Toronto Trentino Club, is also from
Val di Gresta. He flew to the Bay Area and surprised the family with his presence.

Mirko Martinelli and family in Santa Cruz