Visitors from Trentino in Spring 2014

 Luca Cattoi and Colleagues

L to R: New club member Walter Pezzini, Luca’s colleague Andrea with the leather jacket, Luca’s colleague Lorenzo  with the beanie, Maico Campilongo, owner of Terún  Pizzeria, club member Matteo Baceda with the Trento jacket,  Luca Cattoi, Davide Carmeci, Luca Dorigatti, Rinaldo Cis,  Alice Amigassi, Christine Bologna and Tarcisio Pedrotti.
L to R: New club member Walter P., Luca’s colleagues Andrea  and Lorenzo, Maico C., Matteo B.,Luca C., Davide C., Luca D., Rinaldo C.,
Alice A., Christine B. and Tarcisio P.

We first met Luca Cattoi in 2012. He  was travelling with a group, composed primarily of Trentini, visiting the high tech industries of Silicon Valley. Luca’s company based in Arco,

His clients include such big names as Bianchi, Barilla, Microsoft, Giro d’Italia and Confindustria, just to name a few. Luca has now become a regular visitor to the area. In January he came with 3 colleagues and dinner was organized at the Terún Pizzeria in Palo Alto. Several of our club members were in attendance.

Federica Mandato from Pergine

Chiara Lazzeri teaches at a high school in Borgo Valsugana. She has accompanied students to the Bay Area on two occasions, and her students have interviewed members of our Circolo. She also invited Michael Job to be a guest lecturer at her high school.
Towards the beginning of April, Chiara’s childhood friend, Federica Mandato,
visited California to attend a scientific conference. Federica lives in Pergine, but works as an administrative assistant for Fondazione Pezcoller in Trento, a foundation that promotes biomedical research in the field of cancer. Chiara had Federica contact Michael in San Francisco. As always, Michael was a gracious host. Federica truly enjoyed her time here and promised to be back soon.

Michael Job & Federica Mandato in San Francisco
Michael Job & Federica Mandato in San Francisco

Lara Olivetti and Rickard Olseke

Lara Olivetti worked as an attorney for several  years at the Association Trentino nel Mondo, giving free legal advice on Italian citizenship and other matters. She received the admiration of Trentini the world over for her kindness and empathy. She has assisted many of our own club members with her expertise.

Lara now lives in Sweden with her partner Rickard Olseke. Rickard works on immigration and asylum cases. In mid-April they came to Northern California on vacation. It was a pleasure to spend time with Lara and Rickard and to get to know them better.
We found out that Lara is related to the founder of Olivetti, the computer, typewriter, etc. manufacturer, and her family endured hardship when anti-Semitism was in full force in Italy.